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Why Your Company Can Benefit from Outsourcing Your Accounting Department

In 2020 businesses look to technology to perform or aid performance in every department. Video conference calls replace meetings, instant messaging replaces having to interrupt someone by walking to their office and more and more companies are going paperless with the utilizing cloud-based technology.  As technology changes a large part of how businesses operate, the […]

8 Steps to Effective Project Management

Whether you’re trying to launch a fresh product or break ground on new construction, making progress requires concentrated effort. Project management is the process of harnessing and organizing that effort to turn a concept into reality. The project management process can involve many different phases depending on the complexity of the goal, including planning, organizing, […]

Preparing for an Audit? Here’s What You Need to Know

The idea of an audit can intimidate many business owners. However, there are several different types of audits, and many are designed to improve your business so you can operate more efficiently in the future. Read on to learn more about what each classification of audit is, as well as tips for how to prepare […]

Tax Tips For 2019 Year-End Tax Planning in Georgia

To ensure that you don’t have any surprises when filing your taxes it is important to meet with your Atlanta CPA when tax planning for your 2019 taxes. One of the most important reasons is to gain a better understanding of the new tax law. Tax Tip #1: Ensure You are Continually Recalculating your Estimated […]

Are you prepared financially for retirement?

Recent surveys suggest that about 44 percent of American workers who are saving in a workplace retirement plan feel confident they will retire comfortably. However, generation by generation, the numbers show that many individuals are way behind when it comes to reaching their savings goals. A new survey from Natixis Investment Managers finds that 44 […]

Tax Scams Continue!

During this period when annual income tax returns are being prepared, there are a number of cons and scams that everyone should be aware of. Taxpayers, businesses and tax pros need to be alert for a continuing “tricky and clever” surge of fake emails, text messages, websites and social media attempts to steal personal information. Watch […]

How does Amazon get away without paying taxes?

Amazon is a company with more than $232 billion in revenue and led by the world’s richest man Jeff Bezos and the company does not pay any tax taxes. That annoyance boiled over in New York earlier in February when Amazon, which had been offered as much as $3 billion in tax incentives to build a […]

Positive income tax news for owners of Real Estate

Recently announced by IRS The new tax law now being dealt with in preparation of 2018 tax returns, had several items that needed clarification by the IRS. On January 19, 2019 the final regulations were released. Among a host of other clarifications and interpretations, the regulations gave a much-welcomed surprise to the owners of rental […]

The 1040 Gets A New Look

The Internal Revenue Service has released the redesigned Form 1040, along with six related tax schedules, for next tax season after changes under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act promised to simplify the tax preparation process. The Republicans promised a postcard size form and the form, although bigger than a postcard, is shorter, but very deceiving. […]