The Background

Prior to Fischer Contractors’ owner David Fischer handing his back office work over to the team at Marshall, Jones & Company, he was solely responsible for all accounting tasks.

“There usually wasn’t a lot of time during the day to do the accounting, so I did most of it in the evenings. That made for very long days and took time away from my family,” David explained.

David Fischer certainly didn’t enter the contractor industry because his passion was for processing payroll and reconciling accounts. He prefers being on site because his passion is building and engineering. However, by performing the day-to-day accounting work himself, it limited his time with clients and working in the field. He desired the freedom of being more present in his work, and we provided that freedom through our accounting services.


“It’s great knowing that we have qualified professionals handling the accounting. It’s like having our own in-house accounting department…at a fraction of the cost.”

David Fischer – Owner


“There aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything required to run a business,” said David. “The accounting work kept me from pursuing new clients and working on site as much as I wanted to.”

And then one evening, David saw an article in the Atlanta Business Chronicle about Marshall Jones’ outsourced accounting service: OnDemand Accountant. The article detailed the firm’s comprehensive web-based offering, which includes bookkeeping, payroll, bill paying, and more. He immediately saw the service as an excellent alternative to doing his own accounting.

“It [OnDemand Accountant] was the solution to my problem of spending my nights doing the books. It was also more cost-effective than hiring a full-
time bookkeeper.”

David went on to explain that Marshall Jones’ outsourced accounting service provided him with an expert team of professionals experienced within the contractor niche. “It’s great knowing that we have qualified professionals handling the accounting. It’s like having our own in-house accounting department…at a fraction of the cost. They handle everything from payroll and reconciling our QuickBooks® accounts to paying invoices and supporting us during annual audits.”

Working with a highly qualified accounting team also offered David peace of mind that complex work was processed properly—the level of work beyond what a general bookkeeper can deliver.


A Smooth Transition

Part of David Fischer’s satisfaction with Marshall Jones is the result of outstanding customer service. When the firm took over his payroll, for example, it was an exceptionally smooth transition.

“Payroll is a lot of work, so I was happy to hand it over. They [Marshall Jones staff] got me set up on payroll quickly and without a hiccup. They made the transition very easy,” David said.

The Marshall Jones team has served a long list of contractor clients, offering vast knowledge of the industry and making staff uniquely qualified to support Fischer Contractors.

David Fischer offered a few examples of how the firm has provided him with contractor-specific accounting support, including:

  • Tracking of depreciable assets to help procure additional bonding.
  • Generation of Prevailing Wage reports supporting weekly reporting requirements for municipal and federal jobs.


Final Words

Fischer Contractors has experienced many benefits from using the OnDemand Accountant service, including:

  • Staff experienced in the contractor industry—to ensure fulfillment of custom reporting and unique accounting needs.
  • A qualified accounting team to process complex work—in place of the company’s owner spending nights and weekends handling all compliance work.
  • Dedicated audit support—to provide auditors with a long list of financial documents required for the company’s annual audits.
  • Assurance that payroll is reported accurately and in a timely manner—the Marshall Jones team takes care of reporting all payroll data and ensures compliance.
  • The convenience of working online—The firm’s advanced technology platform supports 24/7 online exchange of documents and data for ultimate convenience.

“I’ve received exceptional service, and I would not want to go back to processing accounting myself,” said David. “I don’t want to be stuck in the back office. I want to be on site doing what I do best.”

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