Why should businesses outsource their bookkeeping?

In addition to hiring someone full time or trying to handle bookkeeping yourself, you also have the choice of selecting an outsourced QuickBooks accounting service. Working with an outsourced bookkeeper in Atlanta offers many benefits, including:

Professional help: One of the dangers of trying to take care of the books yourself is the frequent changes in regulations and laws. When you outsource, you get to work with a professional who stays up to date with best practices and current laws and who is certified in accounting platforms. You get professional results and peace of mind.

Saved money: Outsourcing frees up your cash flow and saves you money when compared with hiring a full-time bookkeeper. With outsourcing, you don’t need to pay a full-time salary, benefits, workers’ comp insurance, training or any other costs associated with hiring an employee. You don’t even have to pay for a dedicated office space.

Saved time: Outsourced bookkeeping takes less time than trying to do it all yourself. It also takes less time than hiring someone. Because the recruiting, training, screening and hiring process alone can take months, you can use the extra time you save to build your business.

Flexible solutions: When you outsource, you can get full-time help, occasional bookkeeping support, or anything in between. As your needs change, your outsourced services can be adjusted to meet your requirements.

Benefits of choosing Marshall Jones

Atlanta businesses choose Marshall Jones Outsourced Accounting because we are able to offer many advantages, including:

  • Highly customizable services: Marshall Jones gets to know your financial goals and creates a custom plan to offer the bookkeeping services you need. Whether you want to minimize taxes or free up cash flow, we can help.
  • Professionalism: Our team is QuickBooks Certified and certified in all major accounting platforms. Our team includes CPAs and professional accounting advisors to ensure the highest standard of services for you.
  • Experienced teams: Our team has 35 years of experience serving the Atlanta area. Marshall Jones has worked with businesses of every size and in every industry. Chances are, your competitors have chosen Marshall Jones for their bookkeeping needs.
  • Full control over your finances: With Marshall Jones, you can look at your books at any time and contact your advisor or certified public accountant by phone, text, email or video conference. Our team also provides you with financials regularly, based on the schedule you select. With us, you control your finances, with professionals offering you customized services every step of the way.

Are you interested in outsourcing your bookkeeping to reap the benefits of saved time and money while enjoying better compliance? Looking for bookkeeping services near me? Contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your customized service package and our online bookkeeping services in Atlanta, GA. Whether you are looking for a full time bookkeeper or a part time bookkeeper in Atlanta, Marshall Jones is here to help and ready to provide superior service.

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