What Services Do Bookkeepers Provide?

Bookkeepers record and organize financial transactions, track income and expenses, prepare financial reports, manage receipts, pay stakeholders, oversee accounts, handle employee salaries, and verify invoices. Outsourcing your bookkeeping offers your organization multiple benefits including professional assistance, improved efficiency, cost savings, and scalable solutions.

Professional assistance: You may do your bookkeeping, but with all your responsibilities, keeping up to date with the latest laws and regulations is impossible. Using a trusted accounting firm will give you access to professional help. These certified professionals know best practices and current legislation and have experience with all accounting platforms. The result? Absolute peace of mind.

Cost savings: A full-time bookkeeper is expensive to hire and keep. Outsourcing helps you forgo costs associated with salaries, benefits, insurance and training. You won’t even need to allocate or pay for dedicated office space.

Improved efficiency: Outsourcing your bookkeeping frees up your time and resources. Instead of directing your energy to balance your books or finding the right, reliable employee for the job, you can invest time into your business.

Scalable solutions: External partnerships offer you flexibility. You can get full-time help when you need it or occasional support. You can seamlessly upgrade services as your organization grows and cut back resources if anything changes.

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Industries That Benefit From Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Outsourced bookkeeping services are beneficial for various industries and business models. Accounting services help:

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • Startups
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Construction companies
  • Real estate agencies

Individuals, nonprofit groups and organizations need bookkeeping services to function. Larger organizations may have the internal resources to handle financial transactions and operations, but other entities may revert to and rely on software or training themselves. Without a trusted and knowledgeable partner, performing these tasks internally can lead to errors, lost business opportunities and audits. An alternative is hiring an in-house accountant, which can be expensive.

Outsourced bookkeeping gives you the benefit of accurate accounting without the cost associated with permanent hires.

Benefits of Choosing Marshall Jones

Marshall Jones is the go-to outsourced accounting firm in Atlanta. We offer:

  • Customized services: Our team takes a consultative approach, adapting our services to align with your financial goals. We tailor a plan to provide the bookkeeping services you need with the flexibility to scale when needed.
  • Knowledge and expertise: The Marshall Jones team is certified in all major accounting platforms, including Quickbooks. Our team comprises professional accounting advisors and CPAs to deliver trusted and quality financial services to you.
  • Extensive experience: Our organization has served the Atlanta region for decades. We have worked with numerous industries, various models and multiple-sized businesses. Our comprehensive bookkeeping experience makes us the preferred partner in the area.
  • Ultimate control: We manage your finances while providing you with full access and control. You can view your books 24/7 online and contact your dedicated advisor by email, phone or video conference whenever needed. Our team gives regular updates according to your timeline and preference, customizing your services every step of the way.

Leverage the Benefits of Trusted Bookkeeping Services in Atlanta, GA

Marshall Jones has been helping organizations and individuals with accounting services, audits, assurance, tax preparation and compliance since 1984. Our certified professionals provide exceptional and trusted bookkeeping services in Atlanta, GA.

We offer comprehensive services that scale with your needs.

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