Non-profit organizations can benefit from bookkeeping services in a variety of ways:


  • It offers compliance: It’s not unusual for the IRS and state tax authorities to pay extra attention to non-profits, to ensure full compliance. Bookkeepers are aware of the current tax codes and can ensure you do not inadvertently violate any regulations. In addition, they can work to save you tax dollars and can keep your books and financials ready for any scrutiny.
  • It saves time: Your organization’s board needs to focus on the mission that created your non-profit in the first place. With your bookkeeping handled, you can focus on making a difference.
  • It frees up more money for the mission: A bookkeeping service for your non-profit in Atlanta can keep an eye out for vendor receipts, cash flow, invoices and all the financial parts of your organization, making sure money is freed for the exciting projects you are creating.
  • It helps you be a good steward: Donors want to see where your money goes and how their contributions will be used. With a quality accounting service for non-profit organizations in Atlanta, your organization will be ready for the transparency donors seek.


If your non-profit needs bookkeeping services, choosing to work with Marshall Jones brings you many advantages, including:


Marshall Jones works with many non-profits across all industries. We understand how to make your charity’s books compliant and ready for donors and tax authorities. In fact, we have more than 30 years of experience in the Atlanta area.

The Right Language for Your Needs

Marshall Jones is experienced in audits, tax Form 990, board governance, and strategic planning. Whether you’re most concerned about compliance or about opening more cash flow to move toward a new opportunity, we can make it happen.

Completely Customizable Services

Marshall Jones learns about your organization and its mission so we can be your partners in helping you achieve your goals.

Enhanced Control

Marshall Jones can prepare financials for you quarterly, monthly, or on the schedule you want. You can also always contact your CPA or advisor to get detailed information. With us, you’re in the driver’s seat.



Non-profit organizations face incredible financial scrutiny. Depending on the makeup of your organization, financial reports may be reviewed by board members, donors, the IRS, and countless others. Non-profit auditing services ensure reports are accurate, manage risk and offer valuable strategic insight based on financial data.

Non-Profit Auditing Services
An audit is a careful, methodical review of all financial reports and data. Auditing services help non-profit organizations remain compliant with tax laws, organizational requirements, funding sources, and more. Audit services include:

Single audits: Single audits are compliance audits involving an in-depth review of financial data.
Program audits: A program audit reviews a dedicated portion of financial data.
Reviews: Reviews are assurance services that, while shy of a complete audit, review financial documents and reports to verify accuracy.
Agreed-upon procedures: Smaller non-profit organizations can benefit from agreed-upon procedures, and compliance reviews of organizational accounts and data.
Audit and assurance services give organizational leaders the financial tools they need. We have over 30 years of experience performing audit and assurance services. See what we can do for your organization.


A non-profit is required to stay tax compliant to keep its status as a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization. Tax-exempt, non-profit organizations are charitably driven forces for good, but they can take many forms. Non-profits can range from a small group organization to a national foundation. As a result, tax planning and preparation for the non-profit industry requires experience.

In many cases, financial data is maintained by volunteers and people with laudable goals but little experience preparing extensive financial statements. Tax laws are complicated and subject to change. Tracking everything can be a challenge, but that’s where we come in. When the IRS passes a change in tax law, our certified public accountants and advisors know.

For non-profits, every dollar matters. We’ll help you get a full understanding of where your organization stands, what’s coming next, and how you’re going to get there. Tax planning includes much more than filing an IRS Form 990. Let us take care of your taxes. Professional tax planning services by Marshall Jones involve developing annual strategies for maximizing deductions, reducing risk, and getting more from your assets.

Are you ready to find out why more charities, funds, and non-profits choose us for their bookkeeping services? Contact us to schedule your appointment to review your possible customized service package.

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