Why Are Accounting Services Important for Your Nonprofit?

Outsourced accounting services are essential to help you maximize your financial resources and hone focus on your nonprofit’s core mission. Our bookkeeping services help you:

  • Ensure compliance: IRS and state tax authorities scrutinize nonprofits to ensure full compliance and eligibility. Our certified public accountants are well-versed in the latest tax codes and will help you avoid violating regulations.
  • Save time: Outsourcing an accountant for your nonprofit organization saves time — time you can leverage to make a difference in the community.
  • Maximize resources:  Our experienced bookkeeping professionals monitor vendor receipts, cash flow and invoices, notifying you if funds are available to launch a new project or fortify an existing one.
  • Steward money effectively: Our third-party accounting services will help you steward money efficiently and keep clear transaction records. Donors appreciate knowing how your organization uses and allocates their funds, encouraging them to keep giving.


If your nonprofit needs bookkeeping services, choosing to work with Marshall Jones brings you many advantages.


Marshall Jones works with many nonprofits across all industries. We understand how to make your charity’s books compliant and ready for donors and tax authorities. In fact, we have 40 years and counting of experience in the Atlanta area.

The Right Language for Your Needs

Marshall Jones is experienced in audits, tax Form 990, board governance, and strategic planning. Whether you’re most concerned about compliance or about opening more cash flow to move toward a new opportunity, we can make it happen.

Completely Customizable Services

Our team learns about your organization and its mission so we can be your partners in helping you achieve your goals.

Enhanced Control

We provide financials for you quarterly, monthly or on the schedule you want. Your dedicated, certified professional accountant or advisor is also available to you via email, video call, text message or phone whenever you need them. We ensure you always have the finger on the pulse of your nonprofit’s finances.


Services From Our Nonprofit CPAs

We offer nonprofit organizations comprehensive accounting services. Some of our capabilities include:

  • Determining if nonprofit status is correct for you
  • Setup your nonprofit organization
  • Filing all federal and tax-exempt request forms
  • Filing state tax-exempt request forms
  • Developing your nonprofit incorporation
  • Creating your nonprofit-by-laws


Nonprofit organizations face incredible financial scrutiny. Depending on the makeup of your organization, financial reports may be reviewed by board members, donors, the IRS, and countless others. Our nonprofit auditing firm ensures reports are accurate, manage risk and offer valuable strategic insight based on financial data.

Non-Profit Auditing Services

An audit is a careful, methodical review of all financial reports and data. Auditing services help nonprofit organizations remain compliant with tax laws, organizational requirements and funding sources. Marshall Jones audit services include:

  • Single audits: Single audits are compliance audits involving an in-depth review of financial data. When your organization receives significant awards or federal grants, you may need to undergo a single audit to review that your nonprofit is using funds in line with regulations and grant agreements.
  • Program audits: A program audit reviews a dedicated portion of financial data. The audit assesses the effectiveness and efficiency of a specific program and evaluates whether the project is achieving its intended goals and maximizing resources.
  • Reviews: Reviews or limited-scope audits are assurance services that, while shy of a complete audit, review financial documents and reports to verify accuracy. Review engagements will assess whether your financial statements align with generally accepted accounting principles and frameworks related to your nonprofit.
  • Agreed-upon procedures: Smaller non-profit organizations can benefit from agreed-upon procedures (AUP) and compliance reviews of organizational accounts and data. AUP provides factual information rather than opinion, assurance and guidance, helping you meet specific objectives and address areas of concern. You may want a review of a particular expense category to verify compliance with funding requirements or evaluate the effectiveness of internal controls.

Audit and assurance services give organizational leaders the financial tools they need. We have over three decades of experience performing audit and assurance services, so you can trust our knowledge and expertise to deliver trusted, top-notch results.

Bookkeeping Services for Nonprofits

Our bookkeeping services for nonprofits include managing and organizing your financial records and transactions. We monitor and direct donations, grants, expenses and other fiscal-related services to streamline your operations. Our bookkeeping services offer your organization multiple benefits:

Accurate and compliant records: Marshall Jones specializes in assisting nonprofits in complying with legislative requirements and maintaining correct records. We will help you adhere to regulations.

Efficient operations: Our services enable you to focus on your core mission. Keeping your team members free from these tasks directs your resources to what matters most.

Knowledgeable guidance: Nonprofit bookkeeping is unique and complex. Our specialized team will help you navigate your books with knowledge and expertise.

Objective and transparent reports: Third-party bookkeeping ensures accountability and transparency, making your organization lucrative for donors seeking to make charitable donations.

Strategic insights: The Marshall Jones team continuously shares best practices and insights to help you make financial decisions that positively impact your bottom line.

Access to advanced technology: Our team is certified in all major accounting software. Advanced bookkeeping software streamlines your financial management operations and minimizes the risk associated with manual accounting.

Leverage the Benefits of Nonprofit Outsourced Accounting Services

If you’re searching for a certified public accountant (CPA) near you, Marshall Jones will help! We offer trusted accounting services for nonprofits in Atlanta, Georgia, and beyond. Our specialized team will provide objective guidance and expertise, enabling you to maximize resources and comply with regulations.

Contact our team online for customized accounting services.