If you’re in the construction business, you can probably help clients with great engineering and a quality build. As a contractor, you likely spend many hours on construction sites. That leaves little time for office tasks such as bookkeeping, tax preparation and other financial planning obligations.

Additionally, it takes time to learn the ins and outs of accounting and tax practices. You’re already an expert in your field. Why not enlist an expert accountant to handle your finances? To avoid spending even more hours learning about tax codes and compliance laws, hire an accountant for your Atlanta construction company. An outsourced service helps you:

  • Serve clients better: A quality bookkeeping service for your construction company in Atlanta takes care of invoicing, financial reporting and other needs so you can put your focus on providing the best services possible for your clients. The peace of mind you enjoy with your financials lets you build your business.
  • Save money: In the competitive construction industry, profitability matters. With outsourced bookkeeping, you can free up cash flow because you don’t have to spend money to pay for salary, benefits and the other costs of hiring a full-time bookkeeper. Your outsourced bookkeeper can also help you find ways to improve cash flow and even minimize your tax obligation, freeing up more money.
  • Save time: Doing your own bookkeeping can be time-consuming, even with special software. Hiring and training a professional can also be time-consuming, and you need extra time to be on building sites and meeting with clients. With outsourced services, your bookkeeping is handled for you, freeing up your schedule for the other tasks you need to accomplish.
  • Stay compliant: In construction, you need to stay compliant for insurance and to ensure you can apply for financing when you need it. In addition, you need excellent records for state, local and federal tax authorities. Professional bookkeeping services ensure your books are always ready for full transparency.
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Spend more time focusing on your business


Audits from the certified public accountants (CPAs) and advisors at Marshall Jones uncover significant financial data. Our decades of experience help our team develop accurate and up-to-date financial analyses and information for your operations. Construction companies encounter unique accounting challenges, and we help these businesses overcome them.


Our audits are extensive and inclusive. We unpack all your financial data to ensure accuracy and compliance. Construction company audit and assurance services by the team at Marshall Jones include:


  • Evaluations: Comprehensive evaluations for risk management
  • Solutions: Advanced methods for revenue recognition
  • Projections: Knowledgeable financial projections
  • Tracking: Accurate employee payroll tracking and reports


Audits also include budget planning and generating accurate financial statements. Audits ensure construction company financial reporting remains compliant with IFRS and IAS standards.




In the construction industry, balance sheets can be confusing. Companies must continuously over- and under-bill, balancing accounts between new bids, active projects and those waiting for final payment. Keep the business moving with audit and assurance services so you can better track, plan and budget future work. From complicated payroll to busy balance sheets, our CPAs and advisors can help.


Bookkeeping Services for Construction


Bookkeeping is an essential practice for construction companies that see high volumes of cash flow daily. In addition to handling your clients’ funds, you have your own expenses and income to track. Monitoring all these transactions can be overwhelming, especially if you spend most of your day on-site. You can outsource a bookkeeper to streamline your operations and improve your company’s productivity.

Our accountants do more than just track your company’s transactions. We use that information to prepare detailed financial reports and help you manage your business funds. These reports give you a better idea of your company’s financial standing, allowing you to set specific long-term goals.


Additional Accounting Services for Construction Companies


Besides auditing and bookkeeping, we offer a range of other accounting services, such as:

  • Tax preparation: Our accountants will study your unique tax situation and look for ways to maximize your deductions. We stay up to date with all the latest tax laws so you don’t have to. Our team will help your company remain compliant.
  • Financial advisory services: Planning your finances is not always an easy task. Our accountants assist with energy incentive consulting, cash flow forecasting, cost segregation studies and lease accounting. We also offer business continuation, succession planning and exit strategies.
  • Payroll services: As a construction company, you have many salaries and wages to pay. Month-end can be a stressful time for you and your team. When you outsource your accounting to us, we also take care of your payroll, ensuring everyone gets paid on time.


Marshall Jones is the premiere accounting service for your construction company in Atlanta. We bring several benefits to the table, including:

Outsourced Services

We help save you the time and money you’d spend hiring an in-house accountant.

The Right Level of Control

Whether you want to stay completely in control of your accounting or want to outsource it completely, Marshall Jones can help. You can always contact your accountant or set up regular reports so you know exactly what is happening in your accounts.

Fully Customizable Services

Whether you’re mostly worried about being ready for audits or are in a full growth phase, we can set up accounting services to assist. We can also offer the right level of services, whether you need seasonal support around tax time or full-time support. As your construction business grows and your needs change, changing the services you receive from Marshall Jones is as easy as reaching out to us.


We have more than 30 years of experience helping individuals and businesses with their accounting and bookkeeping needs. We’ve worked with many construction and real estate companies in the area and are familiar with the unique accounting needs of this industry.

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At Marshall Jones, we have a long-standing history of success with various industries, including construction. We have helped many construction companies organize their records and improve their financial accuracy. Our team understands your unique needs, enabling us to provide an innovative solution. Contact us today for more information on accounting for construction companies, and our experts will assist you!