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For Corporations, Small Businesses and Non-Profits in Atlanta and Alpharetta

Marshall Jones works with a diverse set of clients to include small business as well as growing, large scale enterprises and non-profit organizations. Our dedication to understanding your business enables us to better serve your accounting needs.

For Individuals

We are just as committed to our individual clients, as we are our business clients. We are able to customize a strategy to assist with tax planning and preparation in a consistent and efficient way.

Atlanta Based Certified Public Accountants and Advisors

Marshall Jones is a public accounting firm offering a variety of services to Atlanta business owners and individuals. You can rely on our team for:

  • Year-end financial statement audits (including those conducted under the PCAOB)
  • Accounting compilations and review services
  • Tax planning, preparation, and compliance
  • Outsourced accounting services
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Consulting services

The Benefits of a Marshall Jones Certified Public Accountant in Atlanta

When you turn to Marshall Jones, you work with an Atlanta, GA, CPA firm offering you many benefits:

  • Time savings: Instead of spending hours managing your own books, you can outsource your bookkeeping and accounting, leaving you free to focus on growing your business. Many of our clients tell us they would rather spend time pursuing new opportunities instead of investing their time and energy into accounting and crunching numbers.
  • Correct bookkeeping: With Marshall Jones, your bookkeeping is done properly and is reviewed by a CPA to ensure financials are always board- or bank-ready.
  • Cost savings: Hiring an in-house bookkeeper or accountant is expensive. The recruitment process alone can take months, and you’ll need to pay a salary, benefits and other costs for years. For many small- to medium-sized companies, there may not be enough work for a dedicated full-time employee. Outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping to Marshall Jones costs less than a full-time in-house professional but gets you professional-grade bookkeeping and accounting team.
  • Experience: The certified public accountants and advisors at our firm have been serving Atlanta-area individuals and businesses for more than three decades. We have worked with companies in virtually every industry and with individuals in a variety of financial situations.
  • Dedication to your success: Marshall Jones understands you are not just looking for accounting services or help with taxes. Whether you are a business or individual, you want results. You want your business to not be burdened with unnecessary tax bills and you want to have more overhead. Our goal is to provide you with a range of services and to act as partners in your success.
  • Customized services: The certified public accountants at Marshall Jones recognize each business and individual is unique. Whether your concerns are audits, profit improvement, compliance or other issues, we work with you to move you closer to success.
  • Integrity: The core values at Marshall Jones are service, integrity and quality. Each day, we work to offer our clients services which are marked by transparency, honesty and excellence.
  • Control over your finances: The team at Marshall Jones believes you deserve to know about your finances. That’s why you can always reach your Marshall Jones advisor or CPA to ask questions, get answers and learn more. We’re happy to help you outsource your accounting and bookkeeping while allowing you full control over the data. You can always reach our accountants by email, phone, video chat or text.

Are you ready to enjoy all these benefits yourself? Reach out to Marshall Jones to find out more about our services and make an appointment. Do a quick search to easily find what you are looking for.

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An Experienced, Customer Service Focused Firm

The team at Marshall Jones is focused on providing exceptional customer service while offering a customized experience to meet your growing needs for Certified Public Accountants.

Outsource Your Accounting Needs

If you are looking to refocus your resources to improve your business, Marshall Jones can supplement and perform key accounting functions on-site or off-site to meet your needs.

Comprehensive Accounting Services

Marshall Jones offers comprehensive accounting services to include bookkeeping, audit services, succession planning, business valuations, tax planning, among others to assist business and individual clients.

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