There has never been a more exciting time to be a professional in Atlanta’s real estate sector. Home prices across the nation have been doing well, and with today’s technology, investors can purchase and sell real estate across the country and around the world. The rise of short-term rentals has given investors and developers new tools and markets to generate profits.

At the same time, many cities and neighborhoods are creating new regulations that can affect developers, investors, landlords and others in the real estate market. Staying on top of the changes can feel daunting. As you pursue new opportunities, you can rely on real estate accounting services from Marshall Jones.

Our accounting services for real estate companies in Atlanta offer several strategic advantages:


  • It saves you time: Taking care of bookkeeping, cash flow forecasting and other needs frees you up to meet with potential buyers. It lets you run your business and take care of the work that matters.
  • It keeps you compliant: Are you ready when the IRS shows up? If someone wants to see your books to ensure you are complying with state or local laws, are you prepared? Marshall Jones professional-grade services ensure your bookkeeping and accounting are handled by professionals and are checked by a certified public accountant so you enjoy peace of mind. Our certified professionals take part in ongoing training and have decades of combined experience, ensuring you can feel comfortable your finances are in good hands.
  • It keeps you lean: Hiring a full-time professional can be costly. You need to find the right accountant, provide a workspace and pay benefits, insurance and a salary. It may not make sense to hire a full-time professional if your business is evolving, as so many in real estate are. By the time you have finished onboarding, you may need an accountant with a whole new set of skills. With Marshall Jones, you can free up cash flow by only paying for services you need. You don’t have to pay for workers’ compensation insurance, office space or the other costs of hiring full-time. By staying lean, you get to keep more of your profits in your pocket.
  • It maximizes your profits: Marshall Jones not only provides bookkeeping services for your real estate company in Atlanta, but we also work as your partner in success. Our goal is to help you maximize your profits through accounting services to help you identify and target new opportunities. Our outsourcing and cloud-based services are always at your disposal, so you’re poised to take advantage of new possibilities when they happen.


Real Estate Accounting Services in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA

At Marshall Jones, we offer the full spectrum of accounting services for real estate companies. We understand that this industry requires specialized financial planning and management. Your business depends on proper cash flow, so it is essential to have a clear track record of all your transactions. Our real estate accounting services include:


Audit and Assurance

Do you need to present financial statements to lenders, stakeholders or investors? Marshall Jones offers audit and assurance services to help provide a detailed analysis of your real estate company’s financial standing. Having a professional accounting firm handle your audits works in your favor when you want to increase your capital. Enlist our experts for high-quality auditing and assurance services.



With any business, it is essential to monitor every transaction. Real estate specialists have to make important financial decisions, and they can only do this with the correct information. Our real estate bookkeepers will create detailed financial reports to streamline your decision-making processes.

Bookkeeping involves more than monitoring transactions. Our bookkeeping services include paying stakeholders, improving financial security and overseeing salaries and billing. Outsource your bookkeeping to us to experience the immediate and long-term benefits.


Tax Preparation

No matter what industry you’re in, tax season is stressful. However, it becomes even more complicated for the real estate sector because of all the specific tax benefits. Every company has a unique tax situation, and our real estate tax accountants pay careful attention to these circumstances, ensuring you receive a personalized solution.


We offer advanced tax preparation to minimize your tax payments and maximize your deductions. Our experts go above and beyond to account for every expense and income source.

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Why Choose Marshall Jones

We have been providing unmatched accounting services to the real estate market in Atlanta and Alpharetta since 1984. We have a team of certified public accountants (CPAs) who deliver expert advice, customized service and innovative solutions. You will save money and time when you outsource your bookkeeping and other accounting services to us. Our experts will provide tax compliance, thorough planning and detailed reporting, giving you a better idea of your company’s financial position.

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