Why Choose Customizable Finance and Outsourcing Services?

When you partner with Marshall Jones, you get full access to the knowledge and experience of our certified public accountants and advisors on staff. Our outsourced accounting services provide organizations in Atlanta, GA, with several more benefits:

Reduced Costs

Many businesses assume they need to hire an in-house accountant to leverage the benefits of professional accounting and bookkeeping services. However, hiring a full-time and dedicated employee comes with significant costs, including recruitment, salary, benefits and training. By outsourcing your accounting, you cut costs associated with permanent employment and receive professional-grade services.

Operational Efficiency

Finding a qualified, trustworthy, experienced accountant to complement your in-house team is labor-intensive. It can take months to recruit, screen, interview, select, onboard and train an individual. Plus, only having one able employee on your team poses a risk to your business’s continuity. Marshall Jones streamlines the process by providing a trusted and qualified team to support you, mitigate risk and save time.

Flexible Accounting Solutions

You need accounting services and support that scales with your business. Whether you require comprehensive accounting services immediately or wish to begin only with occasional bookkeeping support, we adapt our solutions accordingly. As your business grows and you need more assistance, we’ll adjust your package seamlessly.

Expert Assistance

Yes, self-service software exists and you or a team member can take a quick course. However, this route poses a significant risk to your organization. Outsourcing your accounting to us gives you peace of mind, knowing you are fully compliant and aligned with the latest codes and requirements. Our professional team is also versed in tax changes and certified in all major accounting platforms.


What Is Third-Party Accounting?

Third-party accounting involves hiring an external firm to handle your accounting and financial tasks. Instead of managing these functions in-house, businesses and organizations entrust them to specialized accounting service providers. This approach offers several advantages, including cost savings, access to professional expertise, and improved operational efficiency.

Benefits of Outsourcing Account Services

The benefits of outsourced accounting services include:

  • Enhanced control: You may hesitate to outsource your accounting because you don’t want to lose track of your finances. Our services give you full access to and control over your books 24/7. In addition, your dedicated accounting advisor will provide you with weekly, monthly or quarterly updates based on your preferences or needs. You can also instantly connect with your contact via text, email, phone or video call.
  • Customized services: The Marshall Jones team appreciates and respects your specific needs. Instead of one-size-fits-all solutions, we tailor our accounting services to meet your financial goals. Whether you need tax-minimization strategies, straightforward bookkeeping or something unique and complex, we are your go-to company.
  • An invested team: We handle your business like it’s our own. Since 1984, Marshall Jones has built a reputation for having a caring, professional and vested team, helping organizations in Atlanta thrive. Your success is our priority — we work with integrity and excellence to help you succeed financially.
  • Extensive resources: With four decades of industry experience and a team of the best-certified professionals, you can rest assured that your accounting tasks are in experienced hands.

Why Choose Our Outsourced Accounting Services in Atlanta, GA?

We will help you save time, refocus your resources and improve operations with our extensive accounting services. Some of Marshall Jones accounting support services include:

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Featured Accounting Services

Our team specializes in a variety of accounting and auditing services.

Compilations and Consolidation of Financial Statements

Expert drafting and consolidation expertise can help you to save your senior financial team time and outsource specialist tasks like global financial reporting standards. Our experts will work with you to compile sets of financials based on IFRS standards that will pass even the most stringent audit standards.

We will also work with you to adjust, audit and finalize your financial statements so that your team can focus on your financial milestones for the quarter or year without needing to backtrack to last year’s reporting requirements.

When you choose Marshall Jones for accounting support, our team of world-class professionals will help you lock in last year’s financials and press on to hit your highest aspirations for the current year’s corporate performance.

Financial Planning and Analysis Support

When you choose Marshall Jones, you gain access to a team of versatile financial professionals who understand how to get your key deliverables over the finish line. When your company undergoes radical growth, you need a financial team that can add the capacity and expertise to fuel your continued success.

We offer budgeting, performance reporting, financial planning and analysis services. Our team will deliver the primary insights you need at the right time to have a major impact on your organization during a period of high growth. Our goal is to offer you an overall, precise financial picture that’s accurate to your stage in the business lifecycle.

Internal Controls Support Services

Every time you expand company growth, internal controls need to be updated. When you launch a new business model with fresh bank accounts, business lines and new budgetary requirements, you’ll need to update existing controls and implement new systems. You need to master and focus on continuous improvement to scale your internal control environment.

Marshall Jones offers outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services to help you lower your business risk and boost your valuation with strong analysis, design and implementation of internal control services. You’ll be thoroughly prepared for your next audit and have confidence at the end of each quarter.

Month-End Close Support

The end of the month can be chaotic as you seek to manage your financial transactions. It’s vital to complete a series of procedures in a short period while maintaining organization and efficiency. The board at your company wants to see these numbers and needs a report on the state of the company’s financials.

We can help internal accounting teams to ease the pressure and stay on track with maximum productivity. Whether you need help with a monthly, quarterly or annual report, we will always go the extra mile to walk you through the process.

Several processes we can perform for you include:


  • Processing transactions in bulk
  • Reconciling supplier transactions
  • Preparing accounts for management
  • Implementing corporate operating procedures
  • Completing bank reconciliations
  • Balancing intergroup transactions


Leverage the Benefits of Streamlined Third-Party Accounting


Marshall Jones has helped businesses streamline their accounting process for four decades. Our outsourced accounting services will provide expertise, objective insights and cost-effective solutions, freeing you up to focus on your core business.

Contact us online today to discuss your specific accounting needs.