Why Is Accounting Software Important for Small Businesses?

Accounting software is vital for small businesses that have outgrown manual accounting and want to streamline processes like recording and reporting financial data. Accounting software can help with various services, such as:

  • Wage calculation for employees and payroll taxes
  • Greater inventory visibility
  • Automatic scheduling of vendor and invoice payments
  • Linking the software directly to bank accounts to make payments and deposits
  • Ability to enter data directly into the books to ensure timely closings
  • Customized graphs and reports
  • Accurate financial report generation

Importance of Accounting Software Training

Having a team who knows the ins and outs of accounting software is a great way to ensure your employees receive the most value from the system and feel confident using it. Some additional benefits of accounting software training include the following:

Adopt Flexibility

At Marshall Jones, we are happy to work with your team to develop a training course that best fits their needs. We can offer one-on-one sessions, web courses or accelerated learning to find a training method that best meets your team’s requirements.

Improve Morale

Providing accounting software training gives your employees the necessary skills to do their jobs and helps your workplace remain happy and motivated. Investing in your employees also shows you care about them and their careers, making them more likely to stay with your company.

Maximize Use of the Accounting System

Taking advantage of your software’s relevant features is one of the best ways to ensure it continues providing the most value. By showing your staff where to locate these features and helping them understand your system’s more sophisticated functions, you can improve your system’s overall output and the productivity levels of your entire workforce.

Boost Engagement

Most people may feel unsure when a system update or change occurs, causing them to return to outdated processes. Regular software training allows everyone to learn the new system at once in a supportive atmosphere so they are more likely to absorb and continue using knowledge from the training.

How Marshall Jones Can Improve How You Use Accounting Software

At Marshall Jones, we understand that implementing accounting software into your organization can be a significant change. Some ways our team improves the process of adopting accounting software include:

Aiding in selecting software: Our team has experience with a wide variety of accounting software platforms, making us an excellent choice for finding an option that meets your business’s specific financial needs.

Creating a workflow that matches your business: As we develop a training plan, we will take the time to learn more about your business and your employees’ typical duties to create a strategy they can seamlessly integrate into existing workflows.

Training and consulting employees: Our team can perform all training and consulting so you can feel confident your team has access to accurate information.

Assisting with accounting/bookkeeping: We will provide expert services if you need help with general accounting or bookkeeping.

Use Accounting Software to Benefit Your Business

Help your business reach its full potential with help from the Marshall Jones team. Whether you need small business accounting software consulting or want to explore our other financial services, we encourage you to contact our professional team today!