Our Assurance Services

When a certified public accountant (CPA) offers assurance in financial statements and disclosures, this gives your stakeholders confidence in the accuracy of your cash flows, income statements, balance sheets, and other financial statements.

Our assurance services include audits and reviews:

  • Audits are the highest form of assurance and give an in-depth view of your organization. Required of companies with more than $10 million in revenue, audits include evidence as well as suggestions.
  • Reviews examine any irregular transactions, offer analyses, and provide an understanding of businesses with revenues of over $1 million but under $10 million.


Need audit and assurance help in the Atlanta or Alpharetta area?

The primary objective of every audit process is to develop an opinion on the fair presentation of financial statements and operational results of clients. Our audit team uses a risk-based audit approach to comply with our audit standards and objectives. We perform a rigorous assessment of risk and, as such, develop an overall audit strategy. Throughout the process, the team will have in-depth conversations to gain an understanding of the client and its environment including internal controls.

Assurance and Auditing Standards

In accordance with auditing standards, we will report to management and those charged with governance any significant deficiencies and material weaknesses within the design of their systems. As a value-added service, we will also provide management with best practice recommendations to enhance an organization’s operations and performance. Several of our accounting specialists are certified fraud examiners. They provide clients with additional knowledge on how to minimize risk and vulnerabilities to fraud. Our professionals work within a paperless environment to enhance the efficiencies and timeliness of the engagement process.

We perform audits in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States and standards applicable to financial audits contained in government auditing standards.

Benefits of our Auditing and Assurance Services

The CPAs at Marshall Jones can uncover the financial information you need. Our analysis is current and accurate. We have more than 30 years of experience. Our team has worked across many industries in the Atlanta area to create inclusive, extensive audits. By outsourcing your assurance and auditing to us, you leave your financial statements in the hands of professionals with decades of experience. We examine all your data so you can be sure your statements are fully compliant, up-to-date, and accurate.

Expert Auditing Professionals

Our team offers comprehensive risk management evaluations, audits, financial projections, payroll reports, and tracking, and more. Whether you need a single audit or a host of financial and accounting services, Marshall Jones can help. We can even assist with tax planning. Our services are designed to free up your time and resources so you can focus on your business.

All kinds of benefits

Marshall Jones’ outsourced accounting in Atlanta delivers many benefits, including:

Affordability: Our team represents a cost-effective solution to auditing and assurance versus an in-house staff. With us, you save on wages and taxes, plus the expenses associated with providing benefits, recruiting, onboarding and training. Our straightforward and transparent pricing lets you understand and compare the costs upfront to determine your estimated savings.

Flexibility: Since our services are fully customizable, you can tailor them to meet your business’s precise needs. This versatility enhances your ability to manage costs and allocate resources effectively to maximize your return on investment.

Efficiency: When you partner with us for auditing and assurance, you and your teams save time you can use to concentrate on your core business. That improved focus on your goals can lead to higher revenue and faster growth.

Quality: Outsourced accounting offers you access to extensive expertise and specialization. Marshall Jones CPAs have the skills and resources to produce high-quality audit and assurance results for companies across numerous industries, regardless of your organization’s expertise or age.

Compliance: The regulatory environment is dynamic and our team stays current with the changes and best practices. Our auditing and assurance services help you comply with industry regulations by delivering accurate financial statements.

Confidence: Errors are costlier to remedy than having an expert solution at the outset. With outsourced accounting, you benefit from general and industry-specific knowledge for higher confidence in getting it right the first time.

Risk protection: Smaller businesses may have limited in-house employees handling the auditing and assurance tasks, which could lead to limited internal controls. A third-party objective approach delivers additional security against inconsistencies, errors and fraud.

Insight: We’ve designed our services to provide maximum value. Our team helps you identify trends and efficiency opportunities with actionable insights you can use to improve internal policies and your overall financial health.

Why choose Marshall Jones as your auditors in Atlanta?

Our outsourced services save you money and time when compared to hiring an in-house auditor or CPA. With us, there’s no need to recruit, screen, onboard and train.

At the same time, we ensure you stay in the driver’s seat. You can outsource fully, allowing us to handle all your financial statements, or you can maintain strict control over auditing and assurance. Your accountant is always accessible and sends regular reports to keep you updated. Your services are always fully customizable.

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