Top 5 Trends in the Non-Profit Industry

September 4, 2020   |   Blog

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Nonprofits have a difficult role to fill. They improve conditions for people, animals and communities, all while running an organization that tends to resemble a commercial business. That means, like profit-making companies, they must adapt to changes in the industry, too.

5 Nonprofit Trends in 2020

As nonprofit organizations adapt to the changing landscape of the economy, their challenges and goals can shift as well. Here are some nonprofit trends to watch in 2020.

1. Investments in Technology

Innovations in technology become tools for the sustainability of an organization. Whether competing for funding or keeping the organization moving, nonprofit technology trends can be a driving force for a lot of the work they do. Without the right equipment, they may struggle to provide their services or keep up with the public’s desire for modern, easy-to-use connections.

Another aspect of technological growth that many businesses are observing is in their cybersecurity practices. Large organizations may be especially wary of security breaches or hacks, and cybersecurity is a priority for them.

2. Joint Ventures

Many nonprofit organizations find strategic partnerships with for-profit or other nonprofit organizations or government agencies. A few organizations plan to pursue mergers, but many nonprofits say they are considering entering a strategic partnership with another nonprofit.

By joining with other organizations, groups can pool their resources and work toward a common goal.

3. Greater Focus on Mission and Priorities

As more and more businesses vie for attention, nonprofit organizations need to make sure their message reads loud and clear so they don’t get lost in the noise. They may need to revisit their focus or ensure their priorities include objectives that are beneficial and appropriate for the group to pursue.

4. Easier and More Fulfilling Donations

Again, donors have a lot of options. Making the experience of donating resonate more with them can help endear someone to your organization.

Some ways that nonprofit organizations manage this is by showing the real-life impact a donation can make. They may share success stories of people affected by the organization or send someone a breakdown of how their contribution gets used.

Another way to make donations a better experience is to make them easier. One popular method is to allow people to donate via text message.

5. Boosting Employee Engagement

Nonprofit organizations aren’t known for their high salaries, but many of them also struggle with other areas of employee satisfaction. Outside of concerns about compensation, many, non-profit workers find that they face a lack of opportunity for advancement. Other concerns include management, benefits and training and development.

Many nonprofit organizations are aiming to boost their employee engagement and create more satisfying workplaces. With this goal, they may be able to retain staff for longer and contribute to a more enjoyable workplace overall.

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Focusing on What’s Important

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