Specialized Accounting Services for Legal Firms

Growing your law firm is a time-consuming job. There is little time left between meeting with clients and working on legal cases. Once month-end arrives, it may be challenging to find a few spare hours to balance your ledgers and pay salaries. Additionally, you must set more time aside during tax season to handle your returns and deductions while maintaining your firm’s compliance.

While having an extra set of hands helps, adding an in-house accountant to your team is costly. Instead, you can outsource your financial services to us. At Marshall Jones, we understand the unique challenges of running a law firm. That’s why we offer specialized accounting for legal firms.

Law Firm Accounting Services

Marshall Jones has a team of qualified accountants who are well-versed in professional service companies, such as law firms. Whether you need bookkeeping or auditing, you can count on us to assist you. Some of our services include:

Tax Planning and Preparation

As a legal expert, you are no stranger to tax compliance. You understand the complexities involved in upholding tax laws. We can take care of your tax planning and preparation, helping your business benefit from the applicable tax deductions and minimizing the amount you owe to the IRS.

Bookkeeping Services

Are you overwhelmed by all the transactions your law firm sees each month? Even with the most advanced software, monitoring your expenses and income is a challenging task, especially when you lead a busy work life. Our skilled team offers top-notch bookkeeping services — we track every receipt and invoice to provide thorough financial reports.

Software Training

Accounting software has the power to streamline your day-to-day operations and make it easier to monitor all your transactions. However, accounting software can only reach its full potential when you and your team know how to use it. We offer comprehensive accounting software training, empowering you and your team to benefit from these advanced programs.

Why Trust Marshall Jones With Your Accounting Needs

If you’re searching for a competent accounting firm, look no further. Marshall Jones has over 30 years of accounting experience, serving various complex industries like yours. Our team works around the clock to provide intelligent solutions tailored to your unique business needs. We value our clients, which is why we deliver excellent service and fast turnarounds. Our services will save your law firm time and money, allowing you to allocate these resources toward growing your business.

Contact Us for Legal Accounting Services

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